The Black Cat Orchestra was formed in Seattle in 1991. Our repertoire spans a wide range of styles, including music from Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia as well as original songs. In addition to concerts, club dates and private parties, the Orchestra has performed original scores to several silent films.

We have two new albums, both on Yoyo Recordings. The first, "Long Shadows at Noon," is now available. It was recorded on the stage of the Capitol Theater in Olympia, Washington, and contains eleven songs, including rebetica, Turkish rock, an Italian aria, a ballad from the movie "Mothra," and a song recorded by Carmen Miranda before she visited the United States.

Our second newest album is a collaboration with Mirah, a collection of old and new political songs. It features Spanish and Italian anti-fascist songs, and works by Kurt Weill, Leonard Cohen, Stephen Foster, and Mirah. This one will be out in March, 2004.

Our first CD, "Black Cat Orchestra," was released in 1996. Our second CD, "Mysteries Explained" was released in 2001. You'll find more information on our 'Music' page.

The Orchestra has appeared on National Public Radio's "This American Life," on David Byrne's album "Feelings," and has recorded original music for a dance theater piece by 33 Fainting Spells.

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