Yoyo Records
The fabulous record label from Olympia.
Our friend and collaborator.
33Fainting Spells
Innovative dance/theater company from Seattle.
This American Life
A National Public Radio favorite on which The Black Cat Orchestra has appeared.
This site offers some of the best in eclectic music and art, offered up by David Byrne and his record label. Be sure to check out The Toybox for some fine listening.
The Post Office
A surreal radio play about a crabby postmaster, written by Stacey Levine and produced by Lori Goldston.
Lori Goldston's resume and discography.
All about Zeki Müren, the fabulous Turkish singer.
Radio Tunisia
An audio mini-vacation.
A site devoted to Amalia Rodrigues,
the legendary Portugese fado singer.
Bati Bati's Ethiopian Music Page
A fantastic collection of Ethiopian music files, from traditional to modern.
Hindi, Punjabi, Remixes and Bjangra songs.
Various things in Real Audio.
Hatten är din!
Maybe in the future MTV and VH1 will be like this.
Cinema of Dreams
Erick Larsen's site for Shining Moment Films.
Jeffrey Scheuer's very fine article on Fritz Lang.
A pretty interesting article about;
Ghosts Before Breakfast.
Xeth Feinberg's surreal, 20's-style Bulbo cartoons
feature musical scores by the Black Cat Orchestra.
America's Shrine to Music Museum
Photos of instruments from around the world.
Museum of Jurassic Technology
Stink ants, Trailer parks, and the Horn of Mary Davis of Saughill.
Phylosophical Toy World
A strange and lovely site.
Link to the Black Cat Orchestra speakeasy site