Leylim, Leylim

Long Shadows at Noon

Our third album, "Long Shadows at Noon" is now available on Yoyo Recordings. Eleven songs from various places on the planet, recorded in the lovely and rustic Capitol Theater in Olympia, Washington. Buy a CD.

Later, She Distorts
Yuru Dilber

Mysteries Explained

Our second album, "Mysteries Explained" was released in April, 2001. It contains mostly original music by Orchestra members, as well as a 16th Century liturgical piece, a Bulgarian dance tune and a Kurt Weill song. Listen to two songs here, in real audio format. Buy a CD.

Hasret Atesi
Seum Ma

The Black Cat Orchestra

This self-titled CD contains 15 songs of diverse origins: Greek, Bulgarian, Turkish, klezmer, with several originals and one mournful Korean ballad. Listen to two songs here, in real audio format. Buy a CD.

They Are in Love


Through lucky circumstances, David Byrne heard the Black Cat Orchestra and invited them to record a song on his album, Feelings. You are welcome to listen to a sample of THEY ARE IN LOVE.


Dulca Kaptilo

The Dulca Kaptilo 7" features four snappy songs by Black Cat accordionist and co-director Kyle Hanson. Reminiscent of a 60's spy movie soundtrack, these songs were commissioned for a dance theater work by 33 Fainting Spells. Buy a 45rpm.

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